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Lucy, Ted, Hudson and Karl at Oz Comic con

Created on 17 March 2016. Posted in Xenite News

...  Heidi Hudson Leick is an American actress, known for her role as villainess Callisto in the television series Xena: Warrior Princess. Leick started her career as a model in Japan, but decided to concentrate ...

Doctor Who's Michelle Gomez On Being The Master

Created on 28 September 2015. Posted in Multi-Fandom

... dy panic: the odd Americanism aside, she is very much an alien in New York, resolutely British in her cultural sensibilities. “British television does do something that American television doesn’t. They th ...

Lucy Lawless in Sleeping Beauty

Created on 31 October 2014. Posted in Xenite News

... Tamyra Gray as “The Good Fairy” (“American Idol,” Broadway’s “Bombay Dreams” and “Rent”) and returning from last year’s Panto at the Playhouse ...

Jacqueline Kim To Appear On 'Last' Con

Created on 03 October 2014. Posted in Xenite News

...  we’ve never found anyone who can really do it all quite like Michael and his beautiful wife Jennifer Ward-Lealand who is also joining us. What a joy to have them both back to American for this specia ...

Lucy Lawless Promises a Butt-Kicking

Created on 22 September 2014. Posted in Xenite News

...  In fact, on Hercules and the Amazon Women, my first American job ever, I think we were dealing with Hydra then. Right, right. You have a lot of experience with Hydra. A lot of experience wi ...

Doctor Who Invasion of America

Created on 03 September 2014. Posted in Multi-Fandom

... late radio comedian Fred Allen once said, then it’s only a matter of time before a successful popular U.K. TV show will get a North American redo. When a show has already proven popular in the U.K., ...

End of a mystery: David Suchet puts away Poirot

Created on 04 August 2014. Posted in Multi-Fandom

... nal mystery. Ill and bed-ridden for much of the story, Poirot passes away before the case is resolved. "There will be a segment of the American audience that (doesn't) know he dies," Suchet says. "You woul ...

Grant Bowler on I'm a Human Being

Created on 28 July 2014. Posted in Multi-Fandom

... g to find one of the townsfolk who went missing.   Fun facts about Grant Bowler: 1) He is a New Zealand-born actor who has worked in American, Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian film, televisi ...