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Xena 'will be openly gay' in TV reboot

Created on 16 March 2016. Posted in Xenite News

... ment chairman, said the revival was in the "early stages" and a new writer was being sought. "I don't think it is just a continuation, but we haven't got that far," he said. "I think it's a great ch ...

NBC's 'Xena' Reboot Finds Writer in 'Lost' Alum

Created on 17 December 2015. Posted in Xenite News

... t that her presence didn't overshadow the direction we take with it," NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt told THR in August. "I'm not sure how she could be part of it if she wasn't playing Xena, ...

Lucy Lawless Will Not Be in Xena Reboot

Created on 03 September 2015. Posted in Xenite News

... of that, but even if I’m not, I wish them well.” Last month, NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greeblatt revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that a new version of Xena: Warrior Princess was in the works.  ...

NBC Boss on 'Xena' Reboot: "We're Looking for a Writer"

Created on 13 August 2015. Posted in Xenite News

NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt tells THR that he'd "love" to have Lucy Lawless be part of it.   NBC's bid to bring Xena: Warrior Princess back to the small screen is still in f ...

End of a mystery: David Suchet puts away Poirot

Created on 04 August 2014. Posted in Multi-Fandom

... fitted in "armadillo padding" to round out his frame and wore the slick, ornate mustache. "I would manicure and polish my nails and I would dye my hair because Poirot's hair was also dyed," Suchet says. ...

Some of those outfits are really quite painful to wear

Created on 21 August 2013. Posted in Multi-Fandom

...  not a bad part of my day, and I’ve actually worked on jobs where glamour make up has taken almost an hour and a half, and you know, if things go wrong or your hair doesn’t work out that day sometimes it’l ...