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A Hometowner From Hamtramck Fights The Undead

Created on 20 September 2016. Posted in Multi-Fandom

... ave been from Detroit. And I created this shirt that he wears throughout most of the show — it says Hamtramck on it. Every TV show or character when I am playing someone from Detroit I try to throw back  ...


Created on 26 January 2015. Posted in Xenite News

... esonate through the castle was an amusing touch too. It reached Gareth who obviously cares for Richard despite his protestations. Vinnie Jones has caught me off guard throughout the season with how funny he is ...

Jacqueline Kim To Appear On 'Last' Con

Created on 03 October 2014. Posted in Xenite News

...  on stage Friday he is often seen at the convention chatting and meeting new fans.   CLAIRE STANSFIELD Alti Throughout the years of Xena Conventions, Claire has always been one of the audience ...

LOTRO Farmers Faire

Created on 02 September 2014. Posted in Gaming

... a host of new rewards and surprises!   Mushroom Hunt Farmer Maggot's prized mushrooms are famed throughout the Shire and young Hobbits have long held a tradition ...

LOTRO Summer Festival

Created on 24 July 2014. Posted in Gaming

  July 22nd- August 5th Summer is in full swing in Middle-earth and the Free Peoples have spared no expense in celebration. Join in the festivities of the Summer Festival throughout Eriador! ...

Danielle Cormack: Wentworth Prison

Created on 01 September 2013. Posted in Xenite News

... vulnerable state when we first meet her. I also see her as very strong - she’s a complex human being, and I think a lot of women will be able to relate to her. How does she change throughout the series? ...