'Doctor Who' Returns For A New Season Sept. 19

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Press Tour: 'Doctor Who' Returns For A New Season Sept. 19

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – Actor Peter Capaldi is only in his second season playing the title character on “Doctor Who” – due back with new episodes on BBC America at 9 p.m. Sept. 19 – but he’s already getting questions on when he’ll end his tenure as the time lord who regenerates in a different body – played by a new actor each time -- every so often.


“It’s the only job in television where everybody always asks you when you’re leaving,” joked “Doctor Who” lead writer/executive producer Steven Moffat.

Mr. Capaldi had no real answer: “Certainly ‘til the end of September” when production on the new season wraps.

Mr. Moffat said the new season will explore “the glory days” of the Doctor and his companion, Clara (Jenna Coleman), “having the best time and what could possibly go wrong would be the theme.”

“The idea of someone who has to struggle to figure out who they are is a fun story to tell,” Mr. Capaldi said of his Doctor’s reaction post-regeneration. “That’s what we’re trying to do and continuing to try to do.”

Mr. Capaldi said he had no real idea how to play the Doctor and still doesn’t.

“He’s mysterious,” Mr. Capaldi said. “I think it’s not a good idea to arrive with a solid, unbending idea of what to do because so much of what we do is a collaboration with the wonderful scripts and wonderful directors we work with. You can’t develop a role in isolation; you have to do it with other people.”

But as a fan of “Doctor Who,” Mr. Capaldi did feel like he understood the show in some ways.

“I knew something of its tone so I didn’t have to struggle to find that,” he said.

Ms. Coleman said playing opposite Mr. Capaldi after Matt Smith, who played the previous iteration of the Doctor, “felt like a whole new playing field.”

In the new season, “Game of Thrones” star Maisie Williams (AKA Arya Stark) appears in a guest role.

“Once you see what she’s up to in the show, you’ll appreciate what a clever idea it was,” Mr. Moffatt said. “It’s a significant role. … She’s not playing a returning character; she is a brand new character.”

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette By Rob Owen